Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Slough Town"

measures 150 cm in circumference at widest part. I intended it to represent Slough as a receptacle for many different cultures of people.

The outside of the receptacle uses a traditional crazy patchwork technique of fabrics that are associated with different parts of the globe; holes cut in the fabrics reveal underlayers of colours, referencing histories. The inside is based (loosely) on a map of the town centre & the parks & streets that surround them The patches of colours that stand for the houses & buildings are made from handmade felts, borrowing from artist Joseph Beuys who regarded felt as a protective element. The roads are referencing streets that are 'paved with gold' & when the work is finished I intend that the roads will be extended so they lead into the inside of the bowl.
Anne Hamilton


  1. That looks great - I love the idea that the streets are "paved with gold".

  2. Your bowl looks to be a real touchy-feely item - am sure everyone will want to get their hands on it! Interested to read about the great ideas you stitched & felted into it.


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