Friday, 25 March 2011


When I first visited Slough last year I was really struck by the effort that had been put into making the pedestrianised main street so attractive, with a variety of commissioned art work, including poetry.

I was particularly taken by a piece set into the pavement, called Teardrop. The patterns contained within the granite shape reminded me very much of textile stitches and I decided to base my piece for the exhibition on this.

As part of my background research I contacted the designer of
Teardrop, Anne Smyth. She wrote:

" ... these floor pieces were initially inspired by textiles found in
the charity shops on the High Street, in particular the stitching
backs of the highly decorated fabrics. Used almost as a metaphor for
the rich networks and activity going on behind the scenes in Slough"

and sent me some photos .....

including a photo from her sketch book showing her response to the
original textiles that inspired her.

Details of my piece for the Slough Exhibition: 30 inches square. Made of cotton.
Here is what it currently looks like, not quite completed.

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  1. A really pleasing piece, Sue. Have you printed the designs on fabric, they look so apt?

    Something really satisfying about your textile being inspired by other textiles albeit via a pavement!


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