Friday, 18 March 2011

The literal approach...

I headed towards the history of Slough and its environs initially, and was dallying with the idea of the famous dianthus 'Mrs Sinkins Pink' (not great), brickfields (better) and the Cox's Orange Pippin (fairly promising, as I have been exploring trees in my work for some time) when I came across the nugget that was Upton having appeared in Domesday Book as "a wood for two hundred pigs" - gold!

My four panels therefore feature an apple tree with, respectively, the dianthus, a brick wall, pigs (had to research how to draw those) and a nightful of stars courtesy of Herschel (William, not School). I drew the designs onto freezer paper, cut them out and used them as stencils for oil sticks, brushed on in many fine layers. I then formed traditional quilt 'sandwiches' - top fabric, backing fabric and a layer of wadding or 'batting' in between - and am in the process of free machine quilting them.

These are atrocious photos taken late at night under rotten light with a mobile phone, but better ones will follow!

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