Thursday, 24 March 2011

Slough Buildings

My ideas so far, well these are many, and are still churning away in my mind. I seem to change my plans frequently. I am rather struck with two key designs to work from, one from a car park in Slough and also the pattern in glass from one of the entrances to office buildings in the city centre.

I have also been pondering about what article to make. Space is limited so I would like to create an artefact that I would enjoy having around, with the option of in the future perhaps ‘gifting it’. So I feel my piece will be ‘inspired by’ but not link directly to Slough.

I have sampled a bit but this didn’t go as I expected so new ideas to the fore!

I am enjoying the challenge of working – still at this stage thinking – to a remit, and I benefited from spending a day taking photographs around the town. I know that because there are still a couple of months till hand-in I will not settle on finalities till nearer the time. I think I need deadlines to work to otherwise ideas will not turn into reality; I do tend to be able to procrastinate for ever and not commit until the last minute.
Kate M

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