Thursday, 22 July 2010

Contacting Curator?

Sue and I are visiting the museum on Saturday - do we need to contact the curator beforehand? Looking forward to making re-acquaintance with some 'natillas' (Portuguese custard tarts )

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Maps, nostalgia, etc

Recently I found myself on the A4 going through Slough and started noticing the "new industry" in its plateglass buildings on both sides of the road. Back at the computer, I started looking for images of "Old Slough" and found this site which has old maps and nostalgic photos - from the 1950s and 60s. There are also a few personal memories.

And now for the photo - taken at Slough, apparently (found it on this site, "funny signs from around the world")!

What I am excited about...

Thanks Jane!
It is good to hear that others are getting excited about the project with the Museum.
Here are a couple things I am thinking about...

The 2 doll corsets are in one of the handling cases we hope to borrow. The bit from a whale (can't remember what!) oh...mammoth tooth...kind of links, since whalebone was used for adult corsets and visually this artefact has that same line patterning happening to it.
Anyway, I have these photos on a cupboard door in my studio while I am thinking about them.

Blog NOW OPEN for contributors

Sandy has been educating me in the way of blogs ... and so I have now invited the participants of the project (or potential participants at least!) to be contributors. Please post pictures of your visits to Slough, your sketches, your experiments or ideas ... and we can all start collaborating and sparking inspiration off one another. If I've missed you off the invite list, do please let me know!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Slough History Online

Great to hear participants are getting over to Slough to visit the Museum and beginning to get inspired. Heather went recently and it sounds like she is getting the creative juices flowing ...
And also gave us an excellent link to online information about history in Slough Thank you Heather!