Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I thought that it might be of interest to sum up what I have learned from doing this project.

Firstly, I think that the blog was a great idea and has kept us in touch with each other. It has been enlightening to see what others have done and how their thoughts have developed.

Secondly, it seems that most of us have been emancipated by not having to do something to go on the wall. In fact, it appears to have led to a surfeit of such work and a dearth of wall pieces. I am sure, however, that this will make it a more interesting exhibition.

On a personal level, my decision, after much procrastination, has resulted in exploring new avenues and having to come up with new solutions to problems. The research element has been exciting and educative. I know a great deal more about Uranus, swans and book arts as result! A further plus is that my free machine embroidery skills have improved dramatically. (Well, in my opinion!)

I am now infatuated with book arts, although I cannot get anywhere near the standard of MC. I have been amazed at the pieces created by artists in this field and the imagination of the work. Some of it is truly mind-boggling.

I have various follow-ups planned but I say this every time I do a JQ! I am planning to combine an appropriate block with a similar subject along the lines of 'Storm at Sea' with the swan.

Lastly, sincere thanks must go to the organisers for the work which they have put in. I hope that we can deliver an exhibition which does justice to their efforts.

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