Thursday, 26 May 2011

Installation day in pictures

Saturday - the big reveal. Lots of exciting unwrapping. Then a sense of nervousness as I wonder how we're going to pull this off and get an exhibition together in 2 days!
Tuesday - Everything unloaded at the Museum and spread out on the floor. We worked from a rough strategy planned by Delia, Sandy and Merete at the end of the day on Saturday. A few changes were made but it was really helpful to have a starting point.
Disappearing up a ladder. Having a husband who is 6'4" has its uses.
 Bottoms up! We discover the only way to move the perspex plinths around without dismantling first. (Thank you to Annie for the loan of the plinths - they were invaluable and look great.)
Lunch break. Luckily Vicki remembered we had to eat and got sandwiches all round from the bakers.
  Finishing touches. Everything is up and labelled, but we were worried the angel wings might fly off the wall. Finally, satisfied that enough blu-tack had been applied, we surveyed our efforts and headed for home.

Many thanks to Sandy, Vicki, Jane O'S. Great team work, lots of creative ideas, hard work, custard creams and tea got us through. We did it! Come to the Private View event on Saturday 4th June, 2-4pm. 

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