Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dream Shoes - Final Design

So, on to the final piece. Having created the pattern I now designed the fabric, using the computer to print the details on the organza.

The uppers of the shoes are covered with old-fashioned luggage labels, the soles feature an old picture of the world map - the left shoe focussing mainly on the western hemisphere and the right shoe on the eastern hemisphere. 'The world at her feet'

I used tiny machine stitches to stabilise the fabric with 1/4" seams between the upper and the sole, but deliberately did not seam the other edges so that over time these would fray and disperse. The stay stitching created a neat line for the hem and I sewed the upper to the sole by hand using smoky invisible thread.

The shoe bars are also not finished, but cut on the bias to prevent too much fraying.

The bars are secured with beads, used to look like map pins.

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