Sunday, 19 September 2010

tools of the trade

I have been posting a few of these photos from the handling collection on my blog, trying to get people to work out what they are.




Leave a comment if you know...but not if you saw them on the day!

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  1. The first one is an iron, but the other three are more mysterious. No 2 a pair of tongs, but for which perpose? No 3 looks like a pair of scissors but doesn't have sharp blades, maybe it's something medical, why am I thinking of umbilical cords now? And of a bird's very long sharp beak making rattling sounds... No 4, with its pretty ornamented handle and tiny hook like a crooked come-hither finger is the strangest one. What would you pull out from where? It unsettles me.
    I think if I had only seen one object I'd feel different, but seeing them aligned together a sinister air prevails. Give us a clue?


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