Monday, 20 September 2010

Cubist Taplow Vase?

Having long been fascinated by shards of pottery and archeological finds, it was the Taplow Vase that grabbed my attention on visiting Slough Museum
Influenced by the potential in cubist paintings ( Braque, Piccaso and Villon below) of multiple viewpoints combined I've been playing around with opacity layers in Photoshop. I like the new shapes that are revealed.

Now how to intrepret it? Transparent layers in organza? A 3-D Structure ? Both? I've suddenly become interested in lampshades and their possibilities!


  1. I like what you've done in your image, it looks like the ghost of the vase is hovering around, bringing together its old and new stories. Looking forward to seeing your story take form...

  2. I like your explorations too. The original picture is fascinating with all the reflections in the glass, you get the sense of many layers.

  3. I love the thought of something literally 'exploded' relating to a visual interpretation of 'exploded images' with their multiple points of view.


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