Monday, 25 April 2011

3 Tins


In the boxed collections a tin of Mentholum appealed. This healing cream could be used for all sorts of ailments. The reverse of the tin reads: DIRECTIONS APPLY TO THE PARTS AFFECTED. (Sorry about the out-of-focus photo.)
I like the idea of a cure-all. It's an understandable human desire despite the scepticism it can arouse. Thinking of conditions it might treat, words such as 'cuts', 'strains', and 'bruising' reminded me of the current economic climate. Mentholatum was manufactured in Slough 1900-1940s, a period that also included hard times.

From these associations came my idea for a UNIVERSAL SALVE which could treat the painful consequences of our current situation and government policies.

Also in the boxes was a Band Aid tin which had cost 2 shillings. This linked to the Mentholatum in being used to treat the body too and manufactured in Slough during the 1920-1940s. Thinking of the body as a metaphor for the world I could imagine the plasters patching up the evils released from Pandora's Box. Suffering is brought to our attention daily via the media. We want to respond but are often helpless when faced with the enormity of the problems.

AID will be my resonse to these thoughts and maybe question whether aid is the most effective means of addressing poverty, conflict and vulnerability.

Tins must be chiming with me because I also liked the one from the Cedar Mop Company holding a mop head. The smell of polish was evocative of my childhood.

(Does anyone polish these days?)

The accompanying polish was a bright orange concoction in a bottle.

Manufactured around the same time as the Band Aid tin, it claimed to clean and polish just about every surface - floors, cars and furniture. Another all-purpose product! It made me think of superficial shine, making something look more attractive, covering up the unappealing.

POLISH will focus on political spin.

Really enjoying reading about the ideas and processes of others on this blog. Thanks for posting.


  1. I think that these are brilliant ideas! I am jealous.

    I really am loooking forward to seeing how the work progresses and, even more, the final result.

    I do like it when artists tackle political concepts even if it doesn't change anything!

  2. May I politely ask which of the 2 Ros's you are?

    Sorry about the spelling mistake 'loooking'. Is it possible to alter it?

  3. Thank you for your kind comments and interest, Jenny. I'm quite good at grandiose ideas that fall a bit flat so we shall see how it all turns out!

    I'm Ros Crouch but haven't done anthing about a profile yet. I am still struggling to get things into Blogger and am looking to see how to paste instead of typing it all out again for the next entry.I wondered if my bumbling had created a double identity! As for editing your comment, I can't see how to do it at the mo.

  4. I thought that it might be you as I seem to remember that your 'Breakthrough' piece addressed isues. Perhaps I shouldn't worry about my 'looosing' and regard it as emphasis!

    I am sure that you are too modest - you will pull it off. I shall be disappointed if you don't!

    All the best.

  5. Hi Ros,
    you are down twice because you have signed up under 2 emails. btopenworld and google. do you want me to remove one?


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