Thursday, 28 April 2011

3 Tins - part 2

I had intended to create containers to mimic/echo the tins. Lutradur or pelmet vilene could have created the necessary stiffness. The more I thought about it the less enthusiasm I had for this approach because I felt it would not add anything to the ideas in the work. I wanted something to look old like the pieces in the museum, but to have more unexpected contents relating to modern times.
So I looked for some ready-made tins I could adapt and scavenged these:

First I sanded them then painted on a layer of gesso:

Finally I painted with acrylics and a layer of matt medium to seal. Labels were created in PaintshopPro, printed on paper, sealed with matt medium and stuck to the tins with transfer adhesive.

That’s the containers done. Needless to say none of this was as easy as it appears when I summarise it!

Next up the contents. This is taking a while to get right but here are a few scribbles from my sketch book to show how messily I work and how verbal my approach is! I really admire the sketchbooks some artists create so beautifully. Masterpieces in their own right. Guess I’m a back-of-an-n-v-lope person.

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