Thursday, 22 September 2011


A couple weeks ago I got a cryptic email from Jane which prompted me to open my issue of the Quilter straight away instead of saving it for during lunchtime.
A great review by Lois Bellew of the Exhibition at the Slough Museum. Very special comments.
That was a lovely surprise.

Also, the dates for one of the next outings for the exhibition is at the end of the article.
It will be at the National Needlework Archive, Old Textile Centre, Newbury, Berkshire 19 September to 26 October, 2012.

We have also been asked for some of the pieces to go to Langley Academy which has connections with the Museum. The chosen pieces will go on display alongside the Museum Artefact which inspired it.

AND...the newly opened Bracknell Gallery has asked us to show some of the work in their gallery space. We are in the process of working it out, but it will probably be 3 weeks from the last week in November this year - 2011.
So, it goes on with a life of it's own!

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