Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Making a start

I took as my starting point some sketches that I made at St Lawrence's Church, Upton and St Mary's Church, Slough.

I took a photo of the blue piece above and then manipulated it in Photoshop by copying it and combining several copies in different layers.

I enlarged a portion of this and made a collage.

Having made some books at the last meeting I experimented with some different shaped books including this one.
I have an idea of making an icon incorporating pieces of scrap - plastic, tops of wine bottles, anything else that I can find. This idea came to me whilst watching an episode of Time Team where they find pieces of discarded items which are now "treasure".
I plan to do some stitch samples next.


  1. It's so interesting to see all those different approaches. I like what you've done with your lovely book, relating it to the church with its special outline. Your idea of an icon incorporating scraps and other pieces sounds intriguing. I'm thinking too of the small objects and notes that the faithful would maybe tie to or leave with the saint's figure they were praying too.

  2. Could you tell me when the churches are open to the public?


  3. Jenny, sorry not to have replied before. Not sure when they are open however the website for St L's is and for ST M's is - both sites have loads of info.


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