Thursday, 2 December 2010

Playing in the snow...

...for a few minutes only, back inside before my toes turned blue. The first snow-pic is the dress lying in the snow, the one below is its imprint.


  1. What an amazing picture, it is so ephemeral and otherworldly. Quite incredible how you have captured that.

  2. Wow. You get some amazing pictures of your work. Makes me wonder what it would be like if you were able to take pictures all over Slough? Might be tricky for you, but maybe there is a way?

    What is the size of your dress?

    I've been busy, but will post about the last meeting as soon as I can! Sorry you've been left metaphorically out in the cold, as well as literally this week!

  3. Thank you, both. And Jane, I love the idea of taking the dress to Slough, but not mobile enough just now. Live in hope for the new year. In the mean-time I thought about using the icy temperatures and letting the dress freeze outside overnight, and rephotograph, if it looks interesting. Small steps.


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